Kev is currently working on his debut solo album which he is recording with producer Paul Savage (The Delgados, Franz Ferdinand, Mogwai, Arab Strap).

Kev is also lead singer and songwriter for Glasgow indie rock band Attic Lights. (Island Records/Elefant Records) who will release their third album, “Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks” in early 2019 on Elefant Records. The first single, “Never By Myself” will be released late October 2018.


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Press For Attic Lights

“Chiming 12-string perfection” (The Guardian)
“Vocal harmonies weave in and out of this perfect pop” (The Sun)
Coming on like The Eagles lassoing Fountains Of Wayne to The Beach Boys…transcendent” (NME)
“Spellbinding” (The Fly)
“Sumptuous harmonies” (Q)
“Hugely infectious debut” (Uncut)
“A master class in harmonising” (Word)
“Triumphant debut of emotive pop gems” (Clash)
“One of the finest guitar pop albums this year” (Artrocker)

“Irn Bru strength melodic sweetness with stirring choruses, handclap tempos and school-disco grooves.” (Mojo Magazine)
“A noisy, melodic number with the type of fuzzily simplistic appeal that never goes out of fashion.” (The List)
“In a better world this would be a mega-selling disc.” (The Herald)
“Attic Lights are so easy to fall in love with… a big cinnamon smooch, a big warm hug on a winter’s day.” (Is This Music)
“One of the best things the band’s produced.”(Soundblab)
“Catchy melodies, stomping guitars and gorgeous harmonies.” (Strange Brew)
“Infectiously melodic as anything they’ve done before… so sweeping and grand, you immediately want to hear them again as soon as they end.”(AllMusic)
“The bastard offspring of Ash and Weezer are one of the few bands who can draw on such classic references and hit the same euphoric peaks. Infectious choruses spread on a global scale faster than a galloping coronovirus.”(Magic Magazine, France)
“One of the year’s powerpop gems and quite possibly the most fun listening experience you’ll have all year.”(Shingdig)
“Knowingly assimilates diverse influences… melody, funk, soul and fantastic harmonies while also demonstrating the ability of the Scottish band to sound tremendously current.”(Zona Musical, Spain)