Disco Mary


WELCOME TO THE ROARING 20s! Groove-based indie pop meets Motown soul revue mish-mashed potatoes shot through with the finest electro delicacies, all washed down with a pint of slacker funk.

Disco Mary are an Indie Pop Supergroup collective taking their cue from The Avalanches, The Go! Team, Superorganism, Apples In Stereo and Gorrillaz. Blending soul music, indie rock, electro-pop, funky basslines and big beats, Disco Mary create a sound that paves the way for a post-Covid world of joy, partying and hedonism. Social scientists say that once we’re over the pandemic, the Roaring 20s is making a comeback. If that’s the case, then Disco Mary will be leading the charge with the sound of a liberated world seeking all the good vibes that life has to offer.