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“Comparable with 1980s coming of age films Stand By Me and Goonies, but told from a feminist perspective.” – The Herald (UK)

“One of the strongest indie comics of 2019. It should be required reading for teens everywhere.”– The Comic Book Yeti

“Masterfully built a vivid landscape… it should be a trade paperback already.” – Undercover Capes, Geekery Magazine

“There is stupendous imagination and creativity in these pages and there are plenty of moments that take the reader by surprise.” – Reading With A Flight Ring

“Warpaint gives a loud, brash, and honest voice to the kids we used to be… so good I audibly gasped.” – The Valkyries

“An award winning combination… Get on it!” – For The Love Of Indie

“Consider giving Warpaint a chance to impress you… A ray of hope for teenagers.” – The Indie Toaster


From Kev and Italian artist Katia Vecchio comes the four issue comic series, Warpaint – a feminist story about friendship, regret, memory and what taking a stand really means. Chapter 3 is now available on Comixology.

You can buy it here.


As fashion model Sophie Ember prepares for the catwalk, she receives an upsetting message that forces her to confront events from her teenage days and the actions of her best friend Selene, the only person who had the courage to stand against the misogyny of their upbringing.

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