Rip It Up And Start Again

The following article was first published on The Alternative UK on Oct 12, 2019 Pop music may be an unlikely metaphor for saving the world, but in the constant reinvention and embracing of new sounds that so typifies popular music across the western world, we might find inspiration for some profound, existential thinking. From the […]

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The End Of Stuff

First published on The Alternative UK 08/12/18 Eight years ago Mick Jagger told the New York Times that the days of artists regularly making millions from the music industry are over. It bummed me out at the time because I’d just signed a record deal and I realised he was right. No-one was going to […]

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Britain: A Nation Of Cowards?

The UK’s obsession with immigrants and benefit cheats shows the cowardice rooted deep in our national psyche. There is legitimacy in the concern that large immigration numbers might impact on the economy and quality of life for working families in the UK. Equally, it is easy to understand the upset caused by working our fingers […]

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Where are all the dicks hiding?

I’m in a bar with two friends I’ve known my whole life, one getting the drinks, one beside me on his phone. I can’t see what he is looking at but I’m 99% confident he is NOT sending an unsolicited picture of his dick to some unsuspecting woman on Tinder. That’s what I’d like to […]

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Eight billion tribes of one

First published on Pure Moth. The great European author and semiotician Umberto Eco once posited the idea that the Erasmus project, so beloved of students wishing to spend a free year at another university in the EU, should be extended to all professions. Far from being confined to the elitism of higher education, it should […]

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