Kev Sherry is a songwriter, indie musician, journalist, comic writer and novelist. He has performed in the indie guitar band Attic Lights since 2005 and released two critically acclaimed albums “Friday Night Lights” (Island/Universal Records) and “Super De Luxe” (Elefant Records).

Kev is currently recording his debut solo album which is part of a triptych involving the comic “Warpaint” and his debut novel “Here Be Apples.”

His journalism focuses on themes of social justice, anarchism, feminist theory, cultural relativism and anti-authoritarianism.  Yes – he wrote all this about himself.

Very occasionally he tries to surf, thus aiming to satisfy a teenage need to be in the movie Point Break.

He runs too. Very slowly, but quite far. Then he turns back and runs home after that, while listening to his iPod at high volumes. This will probably damage his hearing in the years to come – but he has an absurd faith in the future possibilities of medical science.