If you don’t know what a ‘Total Buswit’ is then chances are you are not as hip as the people insulting you. Or at least that’s what they’d like you to believe.

If feels like new words and phrases appear every few months leaving plenty of us asking what on earth our friends, family and colleagues are talking about. Throwing shade, photobomb, trending, askholes, blamestorming, Goveparp, sprocking a fleshy – there are so many it can be hard to keep up.

To this ever expanding lexicon we can now add the rather denigrating phrase ‘Total Buswits,’ thanks, apparently, to Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage.

The claim famously scrawled on the side of a bus, that leaving the EU would mean an extra £350 million per week for the NHS, is the axis on which this new insult spins. Having not left the EU yet, it’s a tad early to proclaim Boris and Nigel liars in regards to this, but given that Farage has been vocal in the past about privatizing the NHS and Boris comes from a party notoriously horrified at the thought of an institution which costs money and makes no profit, it’s easy to be sceptical – and many people are.

However, if you are one of the many trusting British voters who didn’t have the time to look into all the various financial and legal claims of the Leave vote during the Brexit campaign then you my friend, are now being slandered as a ‘Total Buswit.’ The crude thinking behind it goes something like this. People believed what politicians told them. People believed what they read in the newspapers. This was because people didn’t want (or didn’t actually have the time) to research all the claims that were made. Most voters, being decent, honest people, believed what they heard. What other choice did they have?

Loser Remoaners screaming into the vast information banks of the internet have popularised this insult because Brexit voters happened to show faith in politicians. And like Fonzy ‘jumping the shark,’ the ‘Total Buswits’ reference to a specific cultural event has now grown to describe a broader issue of people believing what they are told by authority figures because they want to believe it, rather than researching opposite viewpoints to prove or disprove a statement’s validity.

Taking a more dignified stance than the internet scaremongers, Re-Leave Britain spokesman Aaron Plinth recently told Sky News, “Internet cowards assume that everyone has the time away from work, family and daily life to spend hours staring at a screen looking for information that will make them feel bad about what they believe. The people who are using this insult deserve to be thoroughly researched themselves. They deserve someone to hunt down the uncomfortable truths they refuse to face. But unfortunately because of EU privacy laws we can’t do this…yet.”

As Plinth points out, not all of us have the time to research what we read and are told. Even if we are not open to considering that our prejudices might blind us to the facts, it doesn’t mean we don’t have the right to be sure of our opinions.  Absolute certainty of facts is a basic human right that many of us would fight and die horribly for. 

And yet, arrogant, liberal elite Remoaners can only respond by insulting those who disagree with them. As a journalist, I face claims of falsehood and deceit with every article I write – usually from people claiming that I’m trying to create my own lies and falsehoods. Which is why I always include links and references to back up my work.

There will no doubt be conspiracy theorists out there who claim that I HAVE COMPLETELY FABRICATED THE ‘TOTAL BUSWITS’ STORY as some sort of resentful, angry experiment in hashtags and misinformation. Any basic online research will prove otherwise. If it was untrue then why are people using it? Why is it real? New facts don’t just appear out of thin air because somebody wills it. Do they?

I’ll leave you with a bunch of incontrovertible facts that have been proven by experts, serious investigative journalists and politicians and corporate lobbyists who hate experts and serious investigative journalists. The NHS will always be free at the point of access and will not be privatised by the backdoor. Low-skilled, low-wage immigrants are taking your jobs and benefits and damaging the UK economy. Trump’s inauguration crowd was the biggest ever. That kid from the Parkland school shooting is a false flag liberal actor out to destroy the NRA. Jeremy Corbyn is a Soviet Spy. Brexit is an economic success. Brexit is an economic disaster. How do I know all this? Because I heard it from a guy on the TV wearing a suit and sounding official, you #totalbuswit!

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